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The Amadon Group is presenting its application to the City of Victoria City Council on Thursday, September 28th, at 7 pm. The application relates to the residential condominium portion of the property on Sutlej Street. In a nutshell, the former configuration has been withdrawn by the development and replaced by a development that is more economical for the developer to build. The inner courtyard has been removed and the building has become a block of units, similar to many of the apartment buildings in the area.

To review the Amadon application, you can read the PDF available via the link below.

Click here for a PDF document describing the proposed changes. (2.3 Megabytes)

You can attend the City of Victoria public hearing to voice your opinion of the project.


This site has been created out of a need to protect our community from development that would change its character and ambience from the heart of a smalltown neighbourhood to a slick, trendy uptown shopping and business destination. The owner of the property at the south corner of Cook and Sutlej is making application to the City of Victoria to develop a three storey commercial - residential property at the corner, plus a four storey residential townhouse and condominium complex on the three R1-B (zoned for single family homes) lots where three heritage homes currently exist.

A group of concerned community members met on February 10th, 2003 and organized a defence of the neighbourhood.

For more information about the Cook Street Village and the proposed development of the Sutlej properties, please feel free to browse this site.

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